Population: 26,000 people
County: Humboldt

It might have been that the first man which decided to settle on the shore of the calm Humboldt Bay shouted Eureka just like the great Archimedes.

A nice and tidy town, Eureka, built in the Victorian style, was founded in 1856. But under the outside elegance and coquetry of the Victorian architecture, for which Eureka is often referred to as "Western Williamsburg", in essence theres a hard-working town. Main branches of industry in Eureka are connected to lumbering and fishery. The biggest fishery harbor on the Californian cost is located here, as well as the largest fishery fleet. It regularly takes the sea to harvest bass, salmon, crab, shrimp, oysters and other seafood. Of course one can try all the above mentioned sea delicacies in local restaurants. The most famous of those is a place called the Sea Grill restaurant.

Intricate coastline shape and low density population of the coast make Eureka different from resorts of Southern California. Visitors of this town are attracted by different sights both historical and natural. First of all these are sanctuary forests of giant Californian sequoias (Mammoth tree), aged up to thousand years, stretched for hundreds of miles. Such a tree can be higher than a length of a football field and it can be wide enough to make a car tunnel in it. In the old blocks of Eureka you can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, see a mill and many antique shops built in Victorian style and towboats built in the beginning of the last century waiting at the pier to take a sea ride in the Humboldt Bay.

In Eureka one can find all kind of museums, art galleries, theaters and parks. But the most interesting cultural landmark is the incredible Wooden Sculpture Garden of Romano Gabriel, an Italian immigrant who was born in 1887 and settled in California shortly after the World War I. For his works of art he used wooden boards and slash. He was known as an introvert, and for him so unusual form of art was a way of communication with the world. Romano Gabriel died in 1977, ten years after he added the final touches to his wooden works. The day he died, notification arrived from the California Arts Council that the Wooden Sculpture Garden had been designated an important piece of folk art. Nowadays the Gabriel Wooden Sculpture Garden is placed inside a glass pavilion with special illumination and is open for visitors all year, day and night.

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