Population: 6,400 people
County: Glenn

Orland is a small town located in Sacramento Valley, 100 miles to the North from the state capital, Sacramento. It is a humble and hardworking country, one of the many agriculture-based areas on the freeway 5, which is crossing the Central Valley from the North to the South. The farms in the vicinity are mostly devoted to crops and dairy products.

Despite its small population, Orland is not only the biggest and the oldest city of the Glenn County, but is also a veteran among California cities. It was founded as far as in 1881, and was incorporated as a city in the beginning of the 20th century. It has a history museum (in one of the buildings of the end of 19th century), choral society, traditional county fairs take place here, crop festivals, and other mass entertainment, connected, this way or other, with the main activity of the city population and the history of the area.

One of the main attractions of Orland is a mini railroad (The Orland Newville and Pacific Railroad), built by local amateurs and opened in 1993. A 5/12 replica of an antique railway train is running along a half-mile track. This is a tribute to the South Pacific Railroad, the building of which in 1870-1890 gave impact to the development of this part of California.

Orland is also known for its amateur circuit car races, taking place on the local track (1/5 miles, clay), in several classes of stock vehicles (Mini Stock, Pure Stock, Mini Trucks etc.). For pure amateurs it is a pure fun, and for those aiming at professional career it is a good starting point to the heights of sport racing.

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