Population: ~ 3,000 people
County: Modoc

Alturas was founded in the middle of 19th century. It is not only the capital town of Modoc County, but northeasternmost settlement of California. Till 1874 it was called Dorris Bridge after James Dorris, the first white settler and the town founder. He built a small wooden bridge across the Pit River and an inn. But Dorris was by far not the first man to set foot on the banks of Pit River. The place was long since populated by Modoc, Achomawe (Ajumahwe), Paiute and other Indians.

Alturas is surrounded by all kinds of natural sights. Among them are volcanic landscapes, national forests Modoc and Shasta, a recreational area in Pit River valley, national wild nature resort and Indian memorial places. Even Alturas itself, the last frontier on the way to Wild West exploration, one of the so called ghost towns, can be easily named a museum under open sky. Not only buildings and other monuments of that era can be still found in the town. Natives even say that the very spirit of the Wild West still lives there. All fairs, festivals, fancy-balls, rodeos, balloon races are somehow dedicated to that period of American history.

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