Avoid passing other vehicles on two-lane roads. It is dangerous. Remember, whenever you pass another vehicle on a two-lane road you must enter a lane that belongs to oncoming vehicles.

Every time before you pass, look ahead for road condition and traffic to estimate safe distance. You mast take into account:

Oncoming traffic to pass safely you need over 1600 feet of free space (at speed of 55 mph);
Hills or curves to pass safely, you must be able to see at least one-third of a mile;
Intersections it is dangerous to pass another vehicle where someone is likely enter or cross the road;
Current road conditions.

Always signal before passing to inform drivers moving ahead about your plans. Don't pull out to pass unless you know you have enough space to return. Don't count on having enough space and time to pass several vehicles at once. Don't count on other drivers making room for you.

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