Use your horn:

Use your horn when necessary to avoid accidents.
Try to get "eye contact" with other drivers. Tap your horn to alert another driver who might turn in front of you.
On narrow mountain roads, drive as far to the right as possible and sound your horn where you cannot see at least 200 feet ahead.

Don't use your horn:

If a driver is going slowly, don't honk just to make him or her hurry.
Never honk if slowing or stopping your car will prevent an accident. It's safer to use the brakes than push the horn.
Don't honk simply to show other drivers that they have made a mistake. Your honking may upset them so much that they may make more mistakes.
Never honk because you are angry or upset.

Use your headlights:

When it is cloudy, raining, snowing, or foggy.
Any time you have trouble seeing other cars. Other drivers will be having trouble seeing you, too.
On small country or mountain roads, it is a good idea to drive with your headlights on, even on sunny days. This will help other drivers see you and may help you avoid a head-on crash.
You may have to flash your headlights under certain circumstances to get attention of another driver who may not see you.

Don't forget to turn your headlights off when you park.

Use your emergency signals:

If your car breaks down and you can't continue driving. Try pull off the road away from all traffic, if possible. If you cannot get completely off the road, stop where people can see you and your car from behind.
Turn on your emergency flashers if you see a hazard or accident is ahead to prevent other drivers especially if you have to stop.

Use signal when you change direction. To let other drivers know your plans (before pulling next to or away from the curb, before turning or changing lanes end etc.). When you change direction use signals during the last 100 feet before turning or at least five seconds before changing lanes on the freeway.

Signal when you slow down or stop suddenly. If you can see an accident ahead, warn the drivers behind you by turning on your emergency flashers or tapping your brake pedal quickly three or four times.

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