January 14, 2010
Here are some of the quotes from the review by one of the leading Russian games magazine PC GAMES (January 2010 issue):

Gameplot missions are a good possibility to take a rest from the driving-around routine.

The feel of driving this humungous steel monster has been conveyed way better than in the previous games of the series.

The best and the most exciting thing about the Hard Truck series has been, still is and will ever be that the player is the only one to decide what actions to take and where to go. You are to choose the winning strategy, you choose cargo, you make deals with clients etc.

At the same time California lives on its own cargo appears and disappears at the warehouses, other truckers rush somewhere, and the competitors go bankrupt and open new offices.

The series hasnt changed at all we still get the same fascinating game with total freedom of actions.

As practice has shown, the game quality does not depend on the change of a birch with a palm and the town of Nizhegorsk with San Diego.

"They had to retain and multiply everything weve enjoyed Hard Trucks for, and the developers definitely succeeded in this.

Score: 8.5 / 10
Will you pre-order the game prior to the release?
Yes, definitely59% [4818]
No, I will buy it in a store26% [2167]
No, I will borrow it from a friend6% [568]
No, I dont like the game7% [596]
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