January 14, 2010

Portal ProGames@mail.ru published a detailed review of RignRoll. Several quotes form the article are following:

Developers, having spent a fair time on location, reproduced 20000km of roads with almost photorealistic precision. The same applies to other environment, including filling stations, trading depots, repair shops, motels and towns.

Free cabin and outside camera views, wipers spreading rain drops all over the windshield, necessity to visit filling station or repair shop to refuel or get some repairs done for your truck, ability to use lane change lights and fine-tune your car, choosing new spare parts and decorative elements all this adds to immersion and makes you believe youre a real hauler.

In this third installment of game series player controls his own freight company. You can buy new branch offices to expand your business, make contracts, hire and fire drivers and instruct them how to work, form your vehicle fleet, etc.

Developers managed to perform their main task well: they made us believe we really are driving a heavy truck with another load of refrigerators through the dead of night once again.

Score: 7.5/10.

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