December 06, 2009

Lets face it its likely that you dreamed of becoming a locomotive or truck driver when you was a child there is a certain degree of peculiar charm in this truly masculine work. And what do you have in reality now? Most of us have a tedious work in a stuffy office. Thats why these game series are so popular.

Your task in the future (2042) California is simple drive an 18-wheeler between around 30 small and big cities including photorealistic parts of San-Diego, Los-Angeles and San-Francisco and deliver various cargo loads. Safer and quicker delivery means better future offers. There are also many NPCs you can interact with, each one with a different behavior.

Graphics are up-to-date: glare effect on vehicles (up to 50 different types of them in the game), a load of various weather conditions, detailed cockpit view, but the picture is good, not spectacular. This is understandable the world is seamless and your travel wont be interrupted by a Loading message unless you do load a saved game.

In RignRoll you can have everything to feel you are a real hauler. It can be recommended to all fans of two previous titles and to anyone who missed them.

Rating: 88%

Will you pre-order the game prior to the release?
Yes, definitely59% [4818]
No, I will buy it in a store26% [2167]
No, I will borrow it from a friend6% [568]
No, I dont like the game7% [596]
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