March 24, 2009

Igor Belago answers to the questions collected on 1C Official Forum (Russian).

Question: It is already the beginning of 2009. How close is the team of developers to finishing the testing process and to the release of Rig'n'Roll?

Answer: Sadly, we are still in the testing process.

Question: Is there a chance that the game will be released in a couple of months or in 2009 period? Can you say, at least approximately when the game will be released?

Answer: Yes, the game will actually be released in a couple of months, but I cant name an actual date yet.

Question: Also can you say what the developers are doing right now, what part of the game is being tested exactly?

Answer: Testing is being done on many different parts of the game at the same time. The hardest part right now is the correction of various errors in the script and missions part of the game. At the same time we are balancing the economic and racing parts. Our mathematical calculations are now being tested by actual gamers. At the same time we are fixing any errors we run into on accident while trying every single part of the game.

Question: We saw that at Gamepressure the release date is April 2009. Of course we dont take seriously any release date, except the one at the 1c website or at, but still we are interested whether that release date is true or not?

Answer: See my answer to question 2.

Question: Did the worldwide financial crisis effect the development of the game, and the release date in any way?

Answer: How could it not affect us? We are in the same situation as the rest of the world right now. We are forced to cut back on pay to our employees, and to lay off employees like many companies are doing right now. This wont really affect the release of the game, what affects the release the most, is the size of the game world, its truly huge!

Question: If you had a chance to go back in time 8 years, to when you were deciding what to put into the game what, if anything, would you want to change?

Answer: We wish we could avoid a couple of dead end ideas, which took up a lot of time. But sadly, as in any attempt at creating something new and innovative, you will make mistakes. Since the beginning of development our concepts of the game have grown dramatically, in my opinion only now is the game showing off its full potential.

Question: Are there any problems with the licenses for trucks, which, since the beginning of development have been taken off the market (if you remember the use of the K100 was prohibited precisely because it was taken off the market)?

Answer: Sadly, we could not obtain licenses for some of the vehicles. Some of them we have taken out of the game, some have been replaced by other vehicles. The K100 was originally put into the game as a pretty popular truck, even though it was taken off the market a long time before the beginning of development of the game.

Question: Do you have plans to expand the game series further in the future? If so what are the plans?

Answer: We have a ton of ideas, but about actual current plans, that is a question for the publisher.

Question: At the Igromir expo, in the demo version of the game, if you tried to upgrade a slightly damaged truck, you got a message which said "Before upgrading, you first need to repair your truck". Will this be in the final version of the game? Why was this function put into the game?

Answer: Yes, this function will be in the final version. It was put in for simplicity sake. For example, you cant completely repaint a still damaged cab, you cant put in an engine upgrade while the engine doesnt work in its default state, etc. We decided it was unnecessary to make the gamer browse through a million different variations of upgrades for their truck. Besides, that is the way its usually done in real life by truck repair companies.

Question: Will the game still have a school bus?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the point of hitchhikers that we can give a ride to in the game? Will they be part of a script or will they be merely for decorative purposes and mainly an extra way for the trucker to earn money?

Answer: If you meet someone in real life and give them a ride, you will never know what it may lead to. Its same way in the game, you might just make some extra money, or you might find something you never expected.

Question: What will happen if you hit a pedestrian, is this possible?

Answer: Yes, its possible. The pedestrian won't die, and there wont be any blood. You will also very likely be arrested, and taken to jail.

Question: Are there any problems with surround sound in Windows Vista, or will there only be stereo?

Answer: I didn't see any such problems yet.

Question: Some gamers have noticed errors in the geometry of the trucks, mostly in the proportions. Will this be fixed?

Answer: I'm not exactly sure what errors you are talking about, please be more specific.

Question: Will there be P.R. events or contests before the release of the game? If so, what type?

Answer: Thats a question for the publisher.

Question: How much will the game cost in Russia (approximately)?

Answer: Same as in other countries. We are not quite sure yet.

Thank you to all the fans of RignRoll for your interest, I am sorry if there was any question, which I misunderstood, or could not answer correctly.

Respectfully yours,

Igor Belago

Great thanks to forum-member Ubaku for his translation of Igor Belago replay.

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