September 15, 2009

Igor Belago the head of developing team answers to gamers' questions.

Question: Could you please tell us about the minimum and recommended system requirements, if they changed? (1)

    OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7;
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2,4 GHz;
    RAM: 1.0 Gb;
    Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 5700 or ATI Radeon X800 with 128 Mb, DirectX 9.0 compatible;
    Audio card: DirectX 9.0 compatible;
    HDD: 10 GB free space;
    DirectX 9.0.;
    keyboard; mouse.

    OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7;
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3,0 GHz;
    RAM: 2,0 ;
    Video card: DirectX 9.0 compatible, NVIDIA 8800 or Radeon HD 3870 with 256 MB or higher;
    -: DirectX 9.0;
    HDD: 10 GB free space;
    DirectX 9.0.;
    keyboard; mouse;
    Game wheel, pedals.

Question: What is the length of one ingame day? (2)

Answer: In the "Career" mode one day is an hour in real time. In the "Single Order" mode a user will be able to control time and length on ingame day.

Question: Will bad weather conditions affect the behavior of the players truck and also AI controlled vehicles? (3)

Answer: Of course, the weather conditions affect all vehicles in the game.

Question: Will there be different seasons and how it will be shown? (4)

Answer: The weather is like in real California. In winter it is colder, rains a lot, snow and ice are possible in the mountains.

Question: Is snowing possible in the northern regions of California? Will the behavior of the truck change on ice? (5)

Answer: The weather corresponds to real conditions in California in randomized year. Snow and ice in the mountains can appear during winter. "Black ice" is especially dangerous for the driver. Its a thin and limpid crust of ice on the asphalt, which looks like usual wet road. Truckers define this effect by the absence of splashes from other cars.

Question: Will the game have mafia? If yes, will it be mortal? (6)

Answer: You will have to face mafia. The player can choose his way: follow or defend. Mafia is mortal. But main hero is mortal too.

Question: What will be considered as law violation? Only car accidents and moving on red signal or all real rules will be presented? (7)

Answer: Quite a lot of the Californian road rules are implemented in the game. Full realization of rules would be pointless, because in real life the work of American truckers is regulated very strictly. Therefore, some restrictions were removed. Brief guide to the Californian traffic rules can be seen on the official site in section tips.

Question: Did you implement blocking of roads sections (or parts of lines) in case of road accidents? What about natural disasters?

Answer: Any car accident can cause jams, as ingame traffic is rather intensive. There are no special blockings. There are no typhoons and tornados.

Question: Will police "hunt" only for player or AI also be beholden? (9)

Answer: Even in the case of an accident the police may decide that the player is a party at fault but another driver.

Question: Will there be speed cameras like in "Hard Truck King of the Road? (10)

Answer: No, there are no visible radars in the game. But some road hogs can be given away by other drivers.

Question: Is it possible to bribe the police? (11)

Answer: No. We also do not recommend doing that on real roads. You can be easily put into jail. Even the question about the amount of penalty puzzles the police. It is considered by court, where we were invited for speeding during one of the trips.

Question: Will there be traffic jams? (12)

Answer: In the game settings there is a special option Traffic. Naturally, great amount of cars and inappropriate actions of the player will cause jams.

Question: How many cameras are there in the cockpit? Which perspectives are available? Is it still possible to move head? (13)

Answer: There are two cameras in the cockpit: one from drivers seat and one behind it. You can move your head and change the zoom with mouse.

Question: Will there be turn signals and emergency signal? (14)

Answer: Yes, and turn signals are switched off when you change direction, like as on a real car.

Question: Will all indicators on the dashboard be operational? Will the indicator on the dashboard set off if the oil spills as a result of engine breakdown? (15)

Answer: Yes, all the key indicators and controls lights on the dashboard are functional. If you are aware of the car arrangement, it is possible to identify the malfunction by yourself, and even prevent the development of serious problems.

Question: Is it possible to communicate with other drivers using radio transmitter? (16)

Answer: Yes. By CB radio you can get a lot of useful information (unexpected orders, information about the delivery, requests for assistance, warnings, etc.) and promptly react on it.

Question: Is it possible to sleep in the truck? (17)

Answer: Modern Californian trucker sleeps in motels. Luxury sleeping place is more like a tribute to tradition. Punitive measures for lack of rest have been removed from the game, although it is one of the main rules governing the work of American truckers.

Question: Will you have a companion who travels with you, tells funny stories and sometimes acts as autopilot if the player wants to have a rest? (18)

Answer: No, there wont be a permanent companion. However, similar functions will be performed by some colorful hitchhikers, whom we meet in bars, restaurants, or just on the road.

Question: What will happen if the player runs out of time with delivery of the hitchhikers or takes him to a wrong place? Will the passenger entertain the player with conversations?(19)

Answer: If we fail to be on time or make the passenger feel uncomfortable, he refuses to continue the way, asks to get him off and, of course, doesnt pay. If everything is ok, we will certainly have a dialogue, perhaps an interesting new job, etc.

Question: Can the player use systems such as engine braking, trailer braking, cruise control, differential lock etc.? (20)

Answer: Yes, including special popular for long-haul trucks "Engine Brake" system. This is particularly important on steep slopes on which the use of conventional brakes can lead to rapid burning of wheel chocks Differential lock for trucks is not used. Our cruise control is adoptive, i.e. it takes into account the distance to the front cars coming and if necessary, decreases the speed. In the game there are plenty of other upgrades that affect the safety of drivers and their driving performance of the trucks.

Question: Did you implement the damage of coupling mechanisms in the truck/trailer, will it affect the reliability of the coupling? Is the damage of coupling power cables realized? Are there brakes on trailers, and can they be damaged? Will this affect the behavior of the vehicle? (21)

Answer: Damage of the coupling system is implemented. Semi trailer braking (first work out the contours of a semi trailer, then the contours of the truck) is not implemented. In general, we paid less attention to the damage of the trailers. Semi trailers in the game belong to the Californian Trade Base Association and other customers, so the players have no particular need to monitor their condition.

Question: Is it possible to damage transported cars? Will the fuel tanks explode after impact? (22) Will gas station explode? (23)

Answer: Yes, cars are very expensive cargo, so their damage during transportation can cause serious penalties. Tanks and gas station do not explode. Only barrels with flammable substances can explode, and the flames can even spill over car standing nearby.

Question: Will there be some kind of technical control? (24)

Answer: The player can get a full diagnostic report of his truck at any service station. There are no any punitive measures for improper conditions of the truck.

Question: Will there be a damage system of trucks of AI players and the company's employees? (25)

Answer: Sure. And they can not only break, they will also loose some of their technical characteristics after covering a long distance.

Question: What are the main differences between Simulator and Arcade modes? Will that influence the physics of cars? (26)

Answer: There will be three difficulty levels in the game 4-wheelers (this how professional truckers call usual drivers), truckers and experts. Gameplay depends a lot on the difficulty level. The higher the difficulty level is, the lesser time you get to deliver the cargo, you receive more money, the higher are the forfeits, rivals become more aggressive and the police become more persevering. Vehicle physics and road grip become more and more realistic.

Question: Can you purchase passenger cars? (27)

Answer: Nope, the game is about truckers' life only. We decided not to mix genres and to make the game different from common racing simulator.

Question: It was mentioned that the autopark has been changed. Do you plan to revise the list of cars which are now presented at your website according to the changes made and post new highly detailed screenshots of them? (28)

Answer: Yes, we plan to update our website soon.

Question: Will it be possible to ride the truck with trailer and no cargo? (29)

Answer: All the trailers in the game will be loaded with some cargo before the player will be able to ride on it. In case of successful delivery the cargo will be received by the customer. In case you fail with the delivery you can spend some time riding on the trailer.

Question: If the player runs out of time will the trailer be removed? What will happen is the player fails to deliver the passenger in time? (30)

Answer: If the player ran out of time, destroyed the freight or just refused to carry out the order, then the contract with him will be broken. The player will have to pay a fine and deliver trailer to one of the nearest warehouses. Trailer, left by the player will be evacuated from the net and player will have to pay for this. If you violate the contract with a private customer then he will pick the trailer. Penalty will include a fee for evacuation. If a player is unable to deliver a passenger on time or a passenger is simply tired of the player's driving style, he would tell the player a couple of nice words and leave the car.

Question: Will it be possible to see other drivers on service stations and warehouse? (31)

Answer: Yes, you will be able to see how other drivers visit warehouses. Also sometimes you will see trucks and trailers of other drivers near bars. In this case, it is possible that there will be a delivery job for us.

Question: Will it be possible to give orders to the drivers of your company? (32)

Answer: The player has access to the strategic management of the company. You can define which type of order should conduct this or that driver, what car suits him and also his salary. The player shall "identify" the talents of his driver to optimize profits.

Question: Will the fuel price change at a single gas station? (33)

Answer: No, the fuel price at a single gas station in the game doesnt change. But different gas stations offer fuel at different prices.

Question: It is known that when we pass through different parts of the state we hear music suitable for the region. Can the player change the radio stations himself? Is it possible to hear Russian speech on the radio? (34)

Answer: Yes, you can switch the receiver or simply turn it off if it pleases you best to do your job listening to the engine. Of course, you will hear Russian speech on the radio (at least in the Russian version of the game).

Question: What about digital distribution? (35)

Answer: This question should be asked to the publisher.

Question: Will the game support TrackIR? (36)

Answer: Yes, the game supports TrackIR. Moreover, RignRoll support three monitors systems with Matrox TripleHead2Go device.

Question: Windows 7 is coming soon. Will RignRoll support it? (37)

Answer: Yes, we are already testing the game with Release version of Windows 7.

Question: Nowadays many developers tend to release games on next-gen consoles. Do you plan to release Rig'n'Roll on consoles and if yes, could you specify on which ones? (38)

Answer: We thought of that and are interested in next-gen consoles. But currently Rig'n'Roll is a PC exclusive game. Maybe we'll release console version later.

Question: Will there be a map editor or Software Development Kit? (39)

Answer: Actually we didn't plan it.

Will you pre-order the game prior to the release?
Yes, definitely59% [4818]
No, I will buy it in a store26% [2167]
No, I will borrow it from a friend6% [568]
No, I dont like the game7% [596]
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