Population: 3,500 people
County: Trinity

Weaverville, a seat of Trinity County, was founded in the time of "gold rush". Either in 1849 or 1850, a Mississippi born man by the name of John Weaver arrived in the mountainous and wooded Trinity area, in hope of finding gold. At the time it was one of the remotest sites in California. In winter months it was completely cut from the outside world. However, Weaver was not the only one, and by 1852 the town had 49 wooden buildings and a population of 1200. Life of the pioneers was rugged. In the winter of 18521853 Weaver was completely marooned from the outside world. Snow was so deep it crushed the roofs of houses. When the provision ran out, many escaped on snowshoes and the rest were thinking about it when the thaws first came. Quite possibly that the events were the base for one of the memorable episodes in the Charlie Chaplin movie "Gold Rush".

The destiny was kind to Weaverville. After the gold veins were depleted, it had not been forgotten and has not become a "ghost", as its many brethren established in the time of gold rush. Development of lumber and other industry utilizing the riches of the local forests, rivers and lakes grew here. Modern guidebooks often call Weaverville one of the most amazing towns of California, with many attractions to surprise its guests. These are the historic downtown with its old buildings, museums, and quaint shops, all preserving the charming atmosphere of the old times. It even has the oldest still-in-use Chinese Temple in California, where the traditional Chinese New Year is celebrated.

The picturesque vicinity of Weaverville attracts many lovers of recreation activities fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, swimming and boating, rafting, kayaking and other. Probably the most wonderful, and, as Indian legends say, mysterious place is the Natural Bridge across one of ravines to the South-West of the town. This construction, 50 feet in height and 100 feet in width was built by the Nature itself. The water forced itself through the solid mass of limestone, and this created the arch of 200 feet. Even 150 years ago the first dwellers of the town started having outings on the bridge; this tradition still lives.

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