Population: 75,000 people
County: San Bernardino

Victorville is located on the Western brim of Mojave Desert, where it meets the San Bernardino mountain range. The climate here is much softer than in the central or Eastern parts of the "high desert", besides, the lands around the city are generously provided with water. Mojave River, with source in San Bernardino foothill, has an open bed here, and only to the northeast it hides in the sands. Also the famous California Aqueduct, that famous man-made river, flowing from the North to the South through the whole state, flows nearby. The irrigation made possible the success for many branches of agriculture near Victorville.

But the transport played and still plays the key role for the city. First of all, Victorville first appeared as a railway station, named after Jacob Nash Victor, a railroad pioneer. It was in beginning of 1980-th, and only many decades after that, in September 1962, it was incorporated as a city. In 1920-th, when the famous transcontinental U.S. Route 66 was complete, Victorville become one of the biggest road and railroad junctions in Southern California. There is even a California Route 66 Museum in the city, with documents, photographs, road signs, advertising banner models, and car models as exhibits, which not only tell the history of the Main Street of America, but also illustrate the very American life of the beginning of XX century.

The Victorville of today can rightly be said to be "the air gates to California". One of the biggest cargo airports of the state, Southern California Logistics Airport, through which the cargo from all over the world comes to California, is located here. In the not so distant future Victorville will become the first node of the MAGLEV (MAGnetic LEVitation) ultra-fast railroad, which is being built in California and Nevada. The new railways that could have passenger or cargo trains run as fast as 500 kilometers per hour, will relieve the existing thoroughfares. One of the longest lines of the system, connecting Los Angeles and Las Vegas (under the The California-Nevada Maglev project) will go through Victorville, as well as the local line to Palmdale (under OrangeLine Project); cargo and passenger terminals will be built.

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