Population: < 2,000 people
County: Kern

A small town of Lebec is located in one of the most wonderful and admirable places in California, where two geographical zones meet the plains and the mountains. The two "parallel worlds", blossoming San Joaquin Valley and Sierra Nevada mountains, stretch to the North from here. The change in the landscape is so abrupt, and the versatility of the views is so great, that this small spot can be used to film a story that would take place anywhere on Earth, except may be the Arctic or the Antarctic. Lebec is surrounded by a number of historical or natural attractions, like Antelope Valley, Fort Tejon State Park, Pyramid Lake, Los Padres National Forest and others.

Tejon Ranch of over 270,000 acres, well known in California, stretches to the North-East of Lebec. It was established in 1843 and presently is the largest contiguous expanse of land under single ownership in California. For more than 150 years, farming and ranching have been the primary activities at the ranch, and then in 1998 the owner company started some development of its real estate. Following the construction of the Tejon Industrial Complex (TIC), homebuilding began, followed by a luxury resort community called Tejon Mountain Village (TMV). The Ranch has also become a favorite location for the filming of movies, television programs and commercials. Tejon Ranch is an example of how the business gets along well with other goals. In particular, about 100,000 acres of land will be left intact for the next 25 years, 37 thousand acres are allotted for a preserve for condors, the traditional ranching and farming will continue, while the environmentally sensitive development of industry and commerce will be limited to no more than 5 percent of the whole territory.

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