Population: 77,000 people
County: Riverside

Formerly a little village, Temecula joined the host of California cities only on December 1, 1989. The name of this, likely the youngest in California, city is derived from Indian Temecunga place in the sun.

Where the sun is plenty and the air is clean from the fresh ocean breezes, and the soil is fertile and well drained, the conditions are ideal for growing grape. So the Temecula Valley Wine County with its unique climate is considered the heart of the whole extensive grape growing area located in Southern California. For all that, commercial grape growing started in Temecula relatively recently only in 1968. But in less than 40 years, local sorts of grape and the world-class wines made from them acquired wide renown. These days there are more then 20 wineries in Temecula Wine Country, most of them located on the main city street, Rancho California Rd. No wonder it is the most popular place for the guests of Temecula to spend time. By the way, theres a funny law in Temecula, banning ducks crossing Rancho California Rd at any time of day.

Not by wine alone lives Temecula. The residents of this small town residents experience a strong sense of community and family values. Picturesque landscapes, healthy climate, abundant recreation and cultural opportunities, award-winning schools, safe and attractive neighborhoods provide the ideal setting for family living.

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