Population: < 1,000 people
County: Lassen

Population of Standish is just several hundreds of people. The first Europeans had settled here at the time of the "golden rush", so Standish is considered one of the historic places of Northern California. In its youth the town was renowned as a capital of the "alfalfa region", which is quite natural, because the main branch of economy of the Lassen County is agriculture and one of the main crops is alfalfa.

The community was named after Miles Standish (15841656), pioneer of Plymouth Colony, which was beginning of New England. Miles Standish came over to the American continent on the legendary Mayflower with the Fathers Pilgrims. He was recognized at once as the military leader of Plymouth Colony, and for his service was credited the title of the "Hero of New England".

Standish lies in the most picturesque corner of California, where the northern slopes of Sierra-Nevada meet the southern extremity of the Cascade Mountains, so the very Nature is the attraction of this area, to which the California Quail and other critters are native. Hunting and fishing are the main tourist attractions of the town.

The well-known Days End RV Park is centrally located in the heart of the historical Standish, and also conveniently on the US Highway 395, that stretched all the way through the US Pacific coast, from Northern to the Southern borders of the country, winding among the ridges of Cascade Mountains and Sierra-Nevada. Reno, Nevada is a short way from Standish, and this, is attracting many "long-haul" tourists who are traveling in their motor homes across America.

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