Population: 445,000 people
County: Sacramento

Sacramento is a capital of California. Population of the Sacramento megapolital structure is more than 1340 thousand people. It is seventh by size in California and it has began to grow rapidly only in 1940s of the last century.

Sacramento is one of the historical cities of the American West. It was founded in 1849. At the time of gold fever it was a center of a prospector area. In 1863 the construction of the first railroad in North America, Central Pacific Railroad, started in Sacramento. No wonder that the largest railroad museum in the World, The California State Railroad Museum, is located in Sacramento.

At first the city was built on the eastern bank of Sacramento River. These days this district of old buildings and factories, with two-storey houses, wooden foot-walks, Honky-Tonk bars and horse-driven jaunting cars is called the Old Sac. Not far from the Old Sac is another popular museum, Town Ford Museum. It has the biggest collection of Ford cars manufactured from 1903 to 1953, including the classic Mustangs.

A large McClellan Air Force Base is located not far from the city.

A navigation canal was built in 1963 that connected Sacramento with the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific. This canal, together with the three railways and four highways, comprise the transport junction of the modern Sacramento.

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