Population: 194,000 people
County: Washoe, NV

In the middle of 19th century rich occurrences of gold and silver were found not far from the Taho lake. Thousands of prospectors and settlers made for North Nevada. The last obstacle on their way was small Truckee River. Enterprising Charles Fuller built a wooden bridge across the river in 1859. A couple of years later a village grew nearby the bridge. Later it became Reno, named after General Jess Renault, one of the Civil War heroes, whose ancestors immigrated to North America from France. The word Reno itself is an Americanized version of the French Renault or Reynaud.

Reno is located in Nevada where gambling was legalized in 1930 and this tells a lot. A small Las Vegas, a city of gambling and entertainment with numerous hotels, casinos and tourist centers. Compared to Las Vegas Reno is less conservative and almost anyone regardless of the amount of money can have a lot of fun. The Biggest Little City in the World. Reno got this ambitious advertising slogan in 1929 when the transcontinental highway reached the city. Seventy years have passed, but the slogan is still there, probably because it matches the spirit of the city. Up to the middle of the last century Reno was growing broadwise, the first skyscraper (7 floors), El Cortes hotel, was erected in 1931. Later Reno has changed in the appearance and got a new nickname - Neon Babylon.

Today Reno is attracting visitors not only by its gambling houses, but also by many other showplaces: historical buildings, theaters, museums, National Car Museum, where many unique cars are shown. All kind of mass events take place in Reno aircraft races, balloon races, Monster Truck Races, rodeo, a marathon riding rally (Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive), festivals, including the retro car festival (Hot august nights) etc.

Herewith Reno remains a sin city, a divorce capital of the World. Nowhere else in the US the matrimonial law is as liberal as in Nevada. There are whole blocks of notarial and law companies that would easily organize a marriage or a divorce to anyone. All you need is money.

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