Population: 14,000 people
County: Stanislaus

A small town of Patterson is situated in the central part of California, in the fertile San Joaquin valley, famous for record harvests of almost everything, that is possible to grow up on the ground. Thus there is nothing surprising that the basis of local economy makes agriculture cultivation of apricots, almonds and walnuts, vegetables and all greens. Surrounded by orchards Patterson is called: "Apricot capital of the world".

The inhabitants of Patterson are proud of their deep by American measures of course historical roots. The exploration of the neighboring grounds began back in the days when California was a part of Mexico. The first grants on landed property in this part of California were given out by the Mexican authorities in 1844. In slightly over than 20 years John Patterson became the largest local landowner. In beginning of the 20th century one of its descendants Thomas Patterson subdivided the inherited land into ranches of various sizes and made his own plan of building of the Patterson city in the image and likeness of two capitals Washington and Paris that is in the form of combination of circular and radial streets. At the same time in the central streets it was planned to create avenues where Palm trees would grow, Eucalyptus and Sycamore trees. Thomas Patterson wished to make his city unlike the neighboring ones, and he achieved his goal. In 1909 the ambitious plan of the building was approved by the County authorities, and in 10 years Patterson was incorporated.

Presently cozy and covered with verdure Patterson could be easily called a city for life. There is no characteristic urbanistic atmosphere and the industry (the main branches of the city economy manufacture of the frozen products and modular buildings) does not depress. In the city there are a lot of gardens and parks, in the central part there are buildings of the beginning of the last century that now have a considerable historical value. For example Carnegie Building a former library building erected in 1917 in the Renaissance style, is included in the National register of Historic Monuments. The traditional "Apricot Fiesta" can be considered the main entertainment in Patterson, which since 1971 has been celebrated annually in the heat of summer.

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