Population: 181,000 people
County: Ventura

Oxnard is located on the shore of the pacific lagoon Point Mugu, where in 1542, Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo first sailed into. Cabrillo served the Spanish crown and was the first European to ever see California. A Christian mission was founded in 1872 not far from the todays town, half-way from San Diego to Monterey.

It became a separate settlement in 1903 and was named after the four Oxnard brothers which built here a sugar beet processing plant in the end of 19-th century. So besides the official name Oxnard has a nickname - Sugartown. Oxnard is also called the biggest of the small towns on the shore. It looks like soon this label will not be actual since it is one of the fastest growing towns in the US. Its population grew more than 4.5 times in the last 30 years. From the small agricultural town Oxnard is gradually turning into a multi-branch industrial and trade center. For example the headquarters of Haas Automation, the biggest tool manufacturer in US and the main supplier of such well-known companies as Lockheed, Boeing, General Motors and others, are located in Oxnard.

And, of course, the city on the ocean shore became a center of tourism, leisure and entertainment. Historical areas, preserved from the time of the city foundation, museums, theatres, concert halls, beaches, yacht clubs, national park on the Santa-Barbara islands and many other sights impossible to list attract tourists from the US and other countries. Thousands of guests come over to Oxnard to see and take part in the festivals: Strawberry, Folk Music, The Lights parade in Santa-Barbara bay and many others.

For technology fans the most interesting is Seabee Museum, located in the Oxnard suburbs and opened in memory of the exploits of the U.S. Navy's builder-fighters in World War II. It features cultural artifacts from around the globe, as well as an extensive collection of World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War uniforms and weapons.

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