February 17, 2010

The long-awaited RignRoll was released in the end of last year. There is only Russian version this time but we hope to have other one soon. The first I would like to congratulate you on RignRoll edition met with success.
Thanks a lot!

As you know there were plenty of talking in praise on game but the words of criticism were too. There were not traffic lights, speed limit signs and pedestrians much to our disappointment. Can we expect these things in a patch or international version of game?
In the real world there are almost no traffic lights on the recreated Californian highways, hence you will not see any in the game. We are looking at bringing the pedestrians back in the forthcoming add-ons. As for the game itself the Russian and international versions will not be any different.

When will the patch be released to correct all the reported bugs and glitches in the current Russian version of game?
The patch is about to see the light of day. Most likely it will happen in late February. We need to add some fixes and test the whole thing. We will release it to public as soon as we are done.

Does the international version of game be more polished/optimized in comparison to Russian one?
Yes, the fixes we are working on now for the Russian version will be incorporated into the international one. As aforementioned, there will be no difference between the versions.

What kind of international version (English, Polish for example) we can expect and when? Please let me know exactly date
We are talking about English version only as of now. The thing is that the game features thousands of voiced dialogues and Mbs of text, so the first version you have to do is the most universal one, which will allow the vast majority of players to get familiarized with the game.
The exact release date is still unconfirmed, but we will update you all on this soon. Lets wait till March!

Will the trucks originally shown (Volvo, Mack, International) eventually be put back in the game? Even if the brand names must be changed?
Yes, the addition of trucks both licensed and the ones made by ourselves is regarded as possible for the future add-ons. We will be updating you on this following the release of the patch and the foreign release of the game.

Will cheats be put in international version of game on?
No, there will be no cheats available in the game. More over, we strongly discommend using any hacking software, since there were already game malfunctions detected during the attempts to make more money.

What can we expect in expansion/add-on to RignRoll?
First of all, you will witness the adorable landscapes of the Nevada State, spellbounding Las Vegas and lots of other things we cannot disclose at the moment.

Will it be free of charge or paid add-on? If paid, what ratio of original game price must we expect?
We are still working out the distribution model and possible price. The good news is that we are really head over heels in this issue and as soon as the decision is made we will let you know right away.

If there isn't a sequel, would you consider trying to add multiplayer in an expansion?
No, we incorporated everything we wanted into Rig'n'Roll providing that the realization satisfied the high requirements we had. The multiplayer was abolished for the sake of the said quality and due to lack of time to make it perfect. But no one says we will not go back to this issue.

Is there a plan to make model editor for build some trailers, truck repainting, mission build etc?
We are looking at the release of paint and decal editor. As for means to let gamers create trucks our editors are designed for professional use only; hence we will need to revise those considerably to let players create their own vehicles.

As you can see, a lot of people are complaining about the delivery time and the game feeling like a race. Will there be a patch that would give us the option to "turn on/off" delivery time.
Well the situation is a little bit different here as I can see it. We have thoroughly studied lots of resources where players discussed our product and came to the conclusion that opinions tend to be quite different. A lot of people expressed their opinion and said that it would have been uninteresting for them to drive around without the said time, because they feel the absence of the delivery spirit. It is possible to introduce such an option, but the difficulty of its implementation (necessity to revise some of the missions etc) looks unjustified as of now.

Why is there so many fences surrounding the scenery especially along road? We are still remembering Hard Truck 2/King of the Road and its open space in both side of road. Maybe some of them change to invisible barriers for pleasantly viewing. Too many fences make the most beautiful scenery ugly.
The point here is that we tried to be as close to the reality as possible. Highways are indeed heavily fenced and most commonly with the material you can see in the game. They do it for various reasons, like for example, to prevent people and animals from coming out on the highway.

Is it possible to prepare more open scenery or maybe even place where we must look for a suitable place to cross the river (King of the Road).
It is technically possible, yes. Will we use it? Partially, yes.

Is it possible to made more hidden roads/dirty roads and open more villages to pull in them?
The new territories will bring new roads and new areas you will need to cross (like Weaverville). But one should keep in mind that most of the towns/cities have prohibition on truck entering and we will not violate it. You can get it in other games.

It would be nice upgrades for headlights for better visibility and exterior/cargo lights for nicer look. Do you think it is possible to make?
The question is quite unclear. We have not received any comments/critics regarding the headlights and lights in general but we will consider yours and think about it.

Will you pre-order the game prior to the release?
Yes, definitely59% [4818]
No, I will buy it in a store26% [2167]
No, I will borrow it from a friend6% [568]
No, I dont like the game7% [596]
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